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Cloud Backup (DPaaS)

What would be the cost of data loss to your business?

It is estimated that over 70% of businesses shut down within 12 months of a significant data loss incident, according to research by PWC and DTI. Is your business prepared?

Not all backups are equal

Some competitive backup options have a price per GB based on the size of the backup data created. Backup volume is typically much greater than protected data volume, so even though their cost per GB may look cheaper, in practice the you pay just as much if not more, even before you factor in the hassle of management.

Because the volume of the backup can vary and grow in ways that are difficult to predict, businesses can be exposed to variations in billing. Even worse, they may need to reactively micro-manage their backup volume quota because backups start failing when they run out of space.

Cloud Backups beat Tape

OTW DPaaS takes these problems away. We manage the process for a consistent predictable fee, so our customers can rest easy knowing that issues like variable backup volumes are taken care of for them.

Data Protection as a Service

DPaaS by Over the Wire is a cloud based data backup solution available for customers using our cloud platform.

Offering all the key benefits of other backup options, DPaaS also provides a faster way to restore your data, so you can be up and running again within hours, not days.

  • Off-site backup by high speed connectivity
  • Enterprise-grade solution
  • Secure infrastructure and hosting
  • Long term retention options available up to 7 years

Speak with Over the Wire today about making sure your business is protected.

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