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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can form the base of a fully outsourced infrastructure solution, with the flexibility to rent resources and utilise licensing as you need, and avoid the large upfront costs associated with buying servers outright. IaaS can be sold as a standalone utility, or combined with design, migration, and maintenance services.

Leveraging Over the Wire’s private network offerings, IaaS can be used to implement a Private Cloud solution specific to your business’ requirements. Hear what Ben Cornish, our General Manager, has to say about IaaS in our video, or read more about Public and Private Cloud services below. To find out more about the different ways that Cloud and On-Premises services can be deployed to fit your needs, contact our friendly sales team.

Features of an Over the Wire IaaS Solution

Over the past few years, the acceptance of Cloud services as part of Corporate IT infrastructure has been increasing, yet for many it’s still not clear what these cloud services deliver. With Microsoft, Google and now Amazon promoting their business ready cloud services at very enticing pricing it can seem very appealing to integrate these services within your business. However, depending on how you use your IT infrastructure, these services may not be the right fit for you.

What is Underneath These Cloud Platforms?

For the most part cloud platforms leverage much of the Virtualisation Technology that is now the norm within businesses today, though on a much larger scale. With these larger deployments a significant number of Virtual Servers can be supported, enabling the price point for the services to drop. Unlike traditional On Premise models which can suffer from high implementation, administration, and support cost, these deployments use only a few back end servers yet are able to support a large number of users. The way in which providers deliver these service to your business defines the different cloud models; centralising around Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud has become the most commonly talked about version of cloud services due the number of prominent providers offering these services. Microsoft’s Azure and 365 products, Google Apps, and Amazon Web Services are some of the larger vendors in this space and are the services that people frequently investigate. The products from these service providers are usually of a set type of configuration, with scaling based on predetermined options, and are made via the internet only. Due to this, the Public Cloud works well for organisations whose staff are on the go, or who are able to adjust their business IT requirements to align with the provider’s products. If you have a number of custom applications, services or business requirements, the ability to leverage these public cloud offerings can be limited. In addition, not all providers store business data within Australia which for some Australian businesses can cause compliance issues.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is often provided by organisations that supply network services or are linked to ISP’s. These services are accessible by your organisation through private network links, ensuring that no data traverses the public internet. The services can be shared products such as that provided by Public Cloud providers or can be services dedicated specifically to your organisation, but utilising an underlying common platform. These products can provide a much more customisable outcome that can align themselves with your business without significant change, but have the benefit of site and hardware redundancy not experienced in an on premise model.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Clouds can utilise Public, Private, and On Premise services, creating a bespoke outcome that takes advantage of the best features of each. Solutions could include using Public email services, Private dedicated servers for DR, and On Premise production servers providing the highest performance levels. Solution designs such as this can provide a flexible outcome that reduces costs, adds features, and increases performance and availability.

IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and More

The “as-a-Service” or “aaS” moniker is used to describe the type of service being provided, either via Public or Private Cloud services. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the provision on dedicated Virtual Servers that are available only to your organisation, though being supported on a common virtualisation platform that hosts other customer servers as well. Whether Windows, Linux, or something else, these servers can be accessed via your business and can be used for whatever purpose needed.

Over the Wire and the Cloud

With the ability to provide you with both high speed network connectivity and IaaS services supported by infrastructure based on industry best, along with the experience and knowledge gained from deploying solutions that exceed our customer requirements, you can be assured that we will able to guide you and your organisation to the best possible outcome. One that both saves you money, add performance and reliability, and can scale as your business grows.

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