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Reseller Partner

As a Reseller Partner, you benefit from the immense flexibility our program has to offer.

We never forget they’re your customers. Our role is to give you access to our extensive network, and control over pricing and sales.

We sell services to you at wholesale prices, so you determine the margin. You supply your clients with suitable, hassle-free pricing, and you have the peace of mind of knowing you maintain control.


Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager to act as the primary point of interaction between your business and ours. The AM provides you with service qualifications, pricing, and sales support, as needed. They also act as a feedback channel for you to express any concerns over competitive pressures.


Helpdesk integration

Not all faults can be resolved without escalation. Our Networked Help Desk API integrates between your support systems and our helpdesk, allowing direct interaction between your customers and the technicians.


SQ support

A building on one street may be able to receive fibre, while another only a few blocks away may be limited to wireless. We provide guidance on basic service qualification to all Partners, and ready-for-sale checks for every deal before it’s signed.


White label

You shouldn’t have to modify your business model to suit ours. Every product sold wholesale through the program can be white labelled - you control the pricing and marketing. Build your own packages or service offerings to suit and take them to potential customers in your own way.


Network & Service integration

We realise your business has its own existing network and services. You shouldn’t have to change these when you form a partnership with us. We integrate your existing network or services with our products, allowing you to provide extra scope, or more compelling products to your clients.